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Andrew Sullivan

Hello 2023!

From Brad Thomas. We’re starting the year with a bang! We’ve got trials on the go, new clients onboarding and exciting brands like nib, IAG and Westpac powering up their employee coaching programs with support from YakTrak. […]

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Reflecting on 2022

Brad Thomas, YakTrak’s co-founder and COO, reflects on the year it has been and shares what he learnt in 2022. […]

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Employee retention. An enterprise risk?

Employee satisfaction and engagement is as much of an enterprise risk as ensuring compliance with regulations, yet managing retention and turnover is largely not part of enterprise risk management programs. […]

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4 reasons why employee development matters

To stay competitive, top employers need to retain and develop their existing people. We unpack why people development is critical to business success and offer our four top reasons for focusing on employee development. […]

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