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Andrew Sullivan

Can technology help to manage conduct risk?

Managing conduct risk continues to be a priority for organisations. The worst examples of improper conduct on the part of employees or leaders have seen organisations brought to their knees and serve as cautionary tales for today’s enterprises. […]

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Exciting times ahead

At YakTrak, the team is back on board after a well-deserved holiday break. YakTrak COO looks at what’s coming up this year. […]

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What a year… again

At this time last year, we toasted to what would surely be a better, easier, healthier year. What a fizzer that turned out to be. However, it goes without saying that it’s worth looking at the positives. […]

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Employee development ideas for hybrid working environments

Many major Australian employers have moved to a hybrid working model allowing employees to split their time between their home office and the corporate office – but how can businesses progress their employee development ideas and programs in a hybrid environment? […]

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YakTrak is now ISO 27001 accredited

We are happy to announce YakTrak has obtained ISO 27001 accreditation. This internationally recognised standard for information security management systems acknowledges YakTrak’s commitment to the highest level of security and best practice. […]

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Managing risk and performance

A solid enterprise risk management (ERM) practice can provide value across an organisation and instead of hampering performance, can help to improve it. […]

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