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Andrew Sullivan

Why you need to invest in people development

Investing in your people involves more than running training workshops but offers great rewards. Businesses regularly invest in systems, processes, hardware, and software, but investment in people development is not always as consistent. There is often a long time between drinks.  We all need to update our skills to be at our best, but not all people development programs deliver long-term results. […]

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Simplifying document management with YakTrak

How do you manage documentation? Are your processes easy to follow and do your people follow them? Is it easy to track your paper trails? Documentation management can be a challenge, but YakTrak can help.  Watch the video to find out how you can improve version control, increase productivity, and simplify tracking with YakTrak. […]

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Improving compliance management in 2021

Making sure that your people follow business processes, represent brand values and comply with regulations seems like a no-brainer. But as we’ve seen (the handing out of financial penalties for non-compliance recently springs to mind) oversight and checkpoints are not always as robust as they should be. If you need a reminder as to why you need to improve your compliance management in 2021 read on.  […]

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Thinking about a resolution?

A beginning of a new year is a time when many of us think about resolutions and resetting. The start of this year feels a bit like a re-set in itself after the turmoil of 2020. A vaccination program is on the way and over summer many of us have experienced what a ‘COVID-normal’ world may look like. […]

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“What a year!”

You would be hard pressed to find a human being or business that hasn’t been impacted by the year that was. YakTrak and our team are no exception. I could write about how amazing our team has been with the transition to working from home and handling it all like absolute champs. I could talk about how lucky we are to have a product that, unbeknown to us at inception, supports organisations working from home during a pandemic. […]

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5 reasons to re-consider your enterprise risk management (ERM)

As we’ve seen this year businesses need to be ready for the unexpected. COVID-19 has shown how organisations can be vulnerable to external threats, and, perhaps more importantly, how an organisation’s ability to respond to changed circumstances can mean survival. The businesses that have been able to swiftly shift operational models, ‘pivot’, or even reinvent their business strategy have been better placed to withstand the impacts of the pandemic. […]

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