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Ensure your workforce is clear about what they need to do and give them the resources to succeed with YakTrak. YakTrak’s employee development software provides superior visibility while establishing a coaching rhythm that makes daily learning a habit.

Lift capability by embedding on-the-job training, motivate your employees with regular goal setting, and track and monitor employee development progress and outputs.

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Improve employee development

Help your employees to deliver their best 

  • Encourage regular development conversations so people know what they need to do to succeed
  • Support learning and training where it happens most, on the job
  • Maximise performance while minimising conduct risk
  • See ongoing improvements and a sustainable lift in capability
Get the most out of workplace training and coaching

Give your management team powerful insights

Gain superior visibility and insights into what your teams are doing

  • Create workflows that mitigate conduct risk and remediate breaches with coaching
  • Bring all development activity, forms and documentation into the one place for oversight of employee success
  • Give executive teams the knowledge and tools to improve outcomes
  • Accurately track behavioural outputs and professional development
  • Track goals, measure behaviour and access reports to adjust and refine learning programs to maximise capability and employee development
Employee development is focused on the skills that matter

Set your business up with a powerful executive tool

Watch your organisation grow with YakTrak

  • Get real-time insights into the learning and development conversations each manager is having with their team every day
  • Encourage employees to practice new skills that can shift the right sales or service metrics
  • Obtain superior insights over the conversations your frontline is having with customers
  • Mitigate conduct risk with powerful audit trail and workflow capabilities
Visibility over your employee performance management, training and coaching

Get the most out of workplace training and learning

Keep the focus on behaviours where they truly matter

  • Implement a consistent rhythm for coaching and build it into the workday routine
  • Inspire every leader to coach and team member to learn
  • Develop the skills that drive capability
  • Instil a collaborative approach to training and output
  • Maintain continuous growth
  • Get insights to improve training effectiveness and manage training programs
Keep the focus on the skills and outcomes that matter

Support people to reach career goals

Drive positive change for your business and staff

  • Motivate staff with regular tracking and feedback
  • Encourage employees to think about their longer-term personal career goals and career development
  • Support managers to help staff reach objectives
  • Improve employee retention by identifying development opportunities and providing leadership training
YakTrak supports employees to reach goals

Lift employee engagement

Create a high-performing company culture focused on success

  • Create a collaborative culture where ongoing learning becomes a habit
  • Empower people to take control over their own development
  • Help organisations celebrate success, build capability and engagement
  • Identify development opportunities to improve the training process, build new skills and encourage knowledge transfer
Coach your employees with a system that's not like others

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Simplify performance: Lift capability with YakTrak

Building employee capability can be a wild and woolly task. Once you get into the detail of your development strategy, you may wonder how to manage and measure all the different elements.

YakTrak helps wrangle the information you need. It supports capability analysis, tracks capability improvements, encourages regular training and sets a coaching cadence while bringing all development activity, forms and documentation into one place for easy oversight.

Need more reasons to get on track with YakTrak?

Quick deployment

YakTrak isn’t like other employee development software. We can have you up and running in a week – and because we’re deliberately agile, you won’t be stuck with a bulky system that’ll be too hard or expensive to update in the future.

  • APIs to support your integration needs
  • Grows with your business
  • Innovative user interface (UI) supports daily usage
  • Single sign-on (SSO) reduces log-in fatigue

Powerful visibility

To get the best results out of your employee coaching activity you’ll need management software that provides accountability and visibility. YakTrak provides the reporting your leaders need.

  • Collects data on goal setting and the progress towards them
  • Reporting that provides insights into where leaders are spending their time
  • One-stop dashboard for tracking employee areas of focus, goals and performance activity

Makes compliance easier

Our software was designed to improve tracking, reporting and visibility. YakTrak keeps everything in the one place, can help to mitigate conduct risk breaches before they happen and supports remediation to prevent future problems.

  • Visibility to help identify compliance trends and required training
  • Central reporting for conduct risk, remediations and compliance training requirements
  • Audit trails and compliance workflows make reporting easier

YakTrak automates compliance processes and workflows to save time, effort and resources.

  • Eliminates manual tasks and double handling
  • Increases accuracy ensuring that compliance processes are implemented consistently
  • Real-time insights and analytics enable proactive identification of risks so they can be addressed quickly
  • Automated compliance workflows provide an easily accessible audit trail, showing compliance activities and actions taken

We're YakSafe

YakSafe is our own data leakage prevention (DLP) solution. YakSafe prevents unauthorised data from being entered or saved into YakTrak in the first place.

YakSafe is just one of the many security solutions YakTrak offers to protect against cyber threats. Our team of security experts is constantly monitoring the latest trends and developments in cybersecurity to ensure our clients share access to the most advanced and effective security solutions on the market.


What is employee development?

Employee development improves employee performance and ensures all employees have the knowledge, skills and expertise to do their jobs well. It involves developing individual plans to help employees build capability in the areas identified. Development activities range from formal training programs to informal employee coaching, including:

  • on-the-job observation and coaching
  • self-paced learning with online employee training software
  • personalised learning paths
  • formal employee training and certifications
  • attending conferences, webinars, workshops and in-house training courses
  • taking on more responsibilities in a current role
  • opportunities to demonstrate specific behaviours while engaged in day-to-day activities.

Employee development strategies should help an organisation achieve capability outcomes and drive business goals while delivering the growth opportunities employees are seeking. Training and development programs are often run by a Human Resources department (though within small business it may be managed by the business owner), while individualised employee development is tailored for a personalised learning experience to meet the employee’s individual needs and involves the employee’s manager.

What is the best way to do employee development?

Employee development strategies are successful when they motivate employees to embed the skills that management wants to see in the workplace. A powerful way to do this is while people are on the job.

While employee training is a formal part of many learning and development (L&D) programs, to see sustainable results a regular coaching program should be implemented and focus on the inputs needed to deliver sustained higher outputs. In fact, management consulting firm McKinsey reported that employees find organisational performance management systems are more effective when managers coach team members.

But don’t try to work on all measurable outputs at once. Create continuous growth by setting goals related to specific behaviours that drive the desired outputs. The key to long-term improvement is focusing on the actions and skills that staff need to demonstrate to improve their outputs.

Why should organisations develop employees on the job?

Ninety per cent of what we have learnt in our working life has been learnt by doing, on the job.

Yet most businesses leave this opportunity for learning to chance, leading to little behavioural change. Employee training is often done off-site in a formal setting and many businesses invest in management systems that track only this type of training. In fact, this software only tracks 10% (formal employee training), leaving the remaining 90% to chance.

The 70:20:10 rule developed by Morgan McCall, Robert Eichinger and Michael Lombardo advances the widely accepted idea that only 10% of learning and development takes place in a training room while 90% happens on the job with the support of leaders. This 90% is broken down into 20% learned from other people (colleagues and leaders) and 70% learned by doing – in other words the informal learning that happens with the experience of doing the job.

What is employee development software?

Employee training software supports a wider performance development strategy. While employee development software provides a broad range of functions to support capability lifts across an organisation (including capability assessments, performance tracking, goal setting, employee coaching and reporting), employee training software focuses on the training and learning components of development. It may include:

  • a learning management system
  • personalised learning paths
  • tracking and reporting
  • catalogues for employee training courses and training solutions
  • feedback mechanisms.

While the best employee training software might include employee training content and learning materials, this doesn’t replace what coaching can bring when it’s embedded into the daily routine. After all, if we learn 90% of new skills and behaviours on the job, it makes sense to use a solution that facilitates this.

How do I know what employee training we need?

Before you can start coaching and training employees you need to identify the gaps and figure out the skills and competencies that will improve with tailored development. A capability assessment is a structured approach to evaluating the capabilities of your workforce. It helps identify and provide visibility over your team’s skills, competencies, values and behaviours – capturing where there are gaps and training needs. You can then develop the targeted training material and individual coaching programs you’ll need to implement to drive change. 

How do I know what employee development tools we need?

We recommend that everyone in your business uses the same tools to understand its people capabilities and track capability growth. Use employee training metrics and capability scores, and track progress through regular observations. With everyone using the same tool, you’ll be able to get a clear picture and understand where your investment is paying off.

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