Is it a product? Is it a feature? Who the yak cares, it's all good.

Your path to performance.

Everyone has best features they like to accentuate. These are YakTrak’s. Use ours to show off yours…


One-stop shop for all forms and documentation PLUS customisable workflows

  • Bring all your forms, workflows, and people development documentation into YakTrak
  • Improve version control and share forms across multiple users including third parties
  • Easy-to-update workflows can manage compliance, conduct risk, people development and HR processes
  • Reporting and audit trails provide proof of remediation to regulatory bodies
  • YakTrak forms can replicate any coaching or conversation methodology so language is familiar for team members
  • Recreate any word, PDF or excel form

“Life before YakTrak was spreadsheets, Sharepoints and editable PDFs… and it was really as disjointed as it sounded.”
– EnergyAustralia


Yaktivity tracks your organisation’s operating rhythm while goal management increases performance outputs

  • Improve speed to competency of core behaviours
  • Use operating rhythms to drive and embed organisational change
  • Early warning system alerts you when leadership activity drops
  • Allocate a cadence expectation to each role
  • Easily create and track individual and team goals with a traffic light system that keeps everyone accountable

“We have seen a massive improvement in terms of making the conversations we are having easier, it’s a doorway to better conversations.”
– Hesta


Informative customisable dashboards, notifications and automated reporting

  • See all team development goals and activity on one dashboard
  • Understand where leaders need to spend their time to drive maximum results
  • Gain superior visibility over the activities leaders undertake with their team and the goals that require input from leaders
  • Never miss a coaching session again with in-app and email notifications
  • Communicate with your team via team notice boards

“If the regulators came to us and said ‘show us your coaching evidence’ we’d be able to pull it out of YakTrak. YakTrak helped us build risk awareness.”
– Bankwest

Quality control

Quality assurance and skills assessment forms PLUS surveys and pulse checks

  • Easily access quality assurance observations and coaching reports
  • Calibrate what great looks or sounds like to measure the skills and behaviours that drive results
  • Pinpoint the behaviours that require development and learning interventions
  • Provide team members with the opportunity to give anonymous feedback about their coaching interactions
  • Monitor employee insights and harness feedback to improve coaching capability

“The YakTrak system clearly improved both the frequency and quality of our coaching. Without YakTrak we would not have moved the dial as far as we did with NPS and improve the quality of the conversations our agents are now having with customers.”
– Origin Energy

Other key features

  • APIs to support your integration needs
  • Single sign-on (SSO) to reduce log-in fatigu
  • YakTrak can mirror your hierarchy effortlessly
  • Easy to implement and update – customising YakTrak for delivery occurs in a matter of days, not months when compared to other software
  • Onboarding made easy using WalkMe guided tours to reduce training time

“New consultants are making the transition much better with the improvement driven by Hesta Help and YakTrak.”
– Hesta