Working with YakTrak has been a pleasure.


Rolling out a coaching program at Bupa


When Bupa partnered with YakTrak in 2015 they were looking for software to support their new leadership coaching program. They’d also identified two regions that were endeavouring to meet targets. Bupa trialled YakTrak in these regions, measuring the quality and quantity of the coaching the frontline sales staff were now receiving. Trialling YakTrak, Bupa saw:

  • a 131% increase in coaching
  • a 101% increase in team meetings
  • a 73% improvement over the quality of coaching interactions 
  • both trial regions using YakTrak achieved targets – moving from 78% to 117% and 88 to 101% of target.

Today, 1500 retail and contact centre staff continue to use YakTrak at Bupa.

Find out how you can improve employee coaching outcomes with YakTrak. 


“Working with YakTrak has been a pleasure. They’re always open to questions, quick to respond and more than happy to take the time to educate us on how to get the most out of the platform.”

– Bupa