YakTrak is very intuitive. The feedback was overwhelming compared to other software.

Leisl Banfield, Bankwest

Improving visibility at Bankwest


Shifting culture in an organisation isn’t easy. When Bankwest prioritised moving from measuring outputs to a behavioural approach, they called on YakTrak for support. In 2018 Bankwest started using YakTrak to provide real-time insights into the interactions that team members were having with customers.

Operating in a highly regulated industry, it’s important that Bankwest can find the origins of conduct risk and have transparency across both customer and coaching conversation frameworks. 

A three-month A/B trial compared YakTrak users with non-YakTrak users to look at the impact that the software would have.

Outcomes included:

  • 6x higher attrition in teams not using YakTrak, with team members citing lack of support by leaders as a reason for leaving
  • teams using YakTrak recorded twice the amount of goals relating to coaching contributing to a 30% lift in revenue.

Find out how you can manage conduct risk with YakTrak.


“If the regulators came to us and said ‘show us your coaching evidence’ we’d be able to pull it out of YakTrak. YakTrak helped us build risk awareness.”

– Leisl Banfield, Change Manager, Bankwest