The teams are loving the way it’s working for development of our people!

Cameron Geason, Origin Energy

Increasing customer satisfaction at Origin Energy


Origin Energy had implemented a sales leadership and cultural change workshop across their Retail and Contact Centre business and was looking for a solution to take them to the next level.

In 2016 YakTrak developed a three-month A/B proof of concept to show the impact that YakTrak would have. Using YakTrak, when compared to the ‘non-YakTrak users’ team, the YakTrak user team saw:

  • a 41% increase in customer satisfaction (while there was no notable change with the comparison team)
  • a 13.75% increase in sales output (while there was no notable change with the comparison team).

During the trial, an astounding 100% of leaders strongly agreed that YakTrak helped improve results and 77% of all users agreed that YakTrak led to an increase in coaching and development.

Origin Energy now uses YakTrak to support coaching and improve customer satisfaction across its network, including 1500 retail agents.

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“The YakTrak system clearly improved both the frequency and quality of our coaching. Without YakTrak we would not have moved the dial as far as we did with NPS and improve the quality of the conversations our agents are now having with customers.”

– Cameron Geason, Group Manager, Inbound Sales, Origin Energy