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Andrew Sullivan

New data leakage prevention function

Data breaches can cause financial loss and damage your brand’s reputation – protecting your business is critical. At YakTrak we’ve built a new data leakage prevention function to protect the critical information you work with from being intentionally or unintentionally transmitted to a 3rd party.  This means that while your employees are engaged in on-the-job coaching you can have peace of mind that the business-critical, sensitive, confidential and regulated information they work with won’t be leaked. […]

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Employee-led coaching on the rise

We weren’t sure what impact that COVID-19 and enforced isolation would have for our clients in the finance, energy and insurance contact-centre industry. Working with highly regulated industries we knew our clients couldn’t afford to take their eyes off conduct risk, compliance workflows, employee performance and people development. But we didn’t know how that would play out. […]

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