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New data leakage prevention function

Data breaches can cause financial loss and damage your brand’s reputation – protecting your business is critical.


At YakTrak we’ve built a new data leakage prevention function to protect the critical information you work with from being intentionally or unintentionally transmitted to a 3rd party.  This means that while your employees are engaged in on-the-job coaching you can have peace of mind that the business-critical, sensitive, confidential and regulated information they work with won’t be leaked.

The tool works in two ways, by:

  1. Stopping team members from entering confidential data into YakTrak’s free text fields; and
  2. Monitoring what’s entered to identify breaches which alerts the user.

Stops the input of sensitive data

The tool we’ve developed is trained to recognise client-specific data. It identifies when an employee enters sensitive information onto the platform and stops the user from saving the data. The tool actually prevents users from inputting sensitive information onto the platform full stop. This makes it a truly exceptional solution.

Built in alerts

Stopping the input of confidential information provides a strong defence, however we’ve gone a step further. We’ve built customised alerts that are triggered when sensitive data is entered. This means clients can keep track of what’s been blocked. This provides further visibility and oversight of your team’s activities.

Protect your data

We developed the function for a client who wanted to minimise their security risk while team members were engaged in on-the-job coaching and people development. The tool is now available for all customers as an additional feature.

The YakTrak Data Leakage Prevention tool is easy to switch on and off. There’s no complicated integration required for current systems.

Existing customers can easily add this feature to their current service – drop us a line to find out how:

If you want to know more about how YakTrak’s employee coaching software can help your business get in touch with us today.


Image by Debby Hudson via Unsplash.