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Exciting times ahead

By Brad Thomas

At YakTrak, the team is back on board after a well-deserved holiday break. Which is good news because 2022 is already shaping up to be one of our busiest years yet. With two years of upheaval behind us all it’s good to focus on the positives. So, I want to look at what’s coming up this year.  And, I gotta tell you, it’s looking pretty darn exciting.

Here at YakTopia we get to work with some amazing Australian and international brands. This year, we are stepping it up a notch and will be partnering with more incredible and well-known brands both here and abroad across industries such as private health, finance, and travel.

Mum’s the word on who they are, but rest assured you‘ll know as soon as we can share the news.

So, what does this mean? It means YakTrak will be growing super-fast in the coming year or two. This means we’ll be hiring to make sure our new clients get the same amazing support that our existing clients receive.

We are really excited to introduce a new and diverse group of people to the already awesome team. Stay tuned and make sure you follow us on LinkedIn for updates on new hires. And if you are looking for a change yourself, don’t hesitate to reach out.

2022 is set to be a big one

With new clients comes new ideas for future development. The great news is all existing clients will be able to access new features as they become available.

Imagine a world where your people development software…

  • allows your organisation to communicate, support and track any major change initiative
  • provides support to leaders on how to be better coaches
  • advises leaders on areas to focus on with their team based on current outputs
  • provides support to frontline team members to learn in the flow of work from the moment they leave induction.

Well imagine no more. These and many more new features will join our current features and are currently being scoped with existing clients, ready to enter our development roadmap.

This is just the tip of the iceberg and doesn’t even include the work we’re doing to upgrade our platform, redesign reporting and enhance our form builders to improve user experience. Ongoing improvement is the name of the game here and we have got you covered.

As you can see, a lot to do this year, but I know the team are up for the challenge and I look forward to keeping you all updated.

We have already left the last two years behind us and intend to make the most out of the next twelve months and absolutely smash it out of the park.

Who’s with us?