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Employee development methods (video 4) – focusing on too much

One of the best employee development methods is regular, consistent coaching. But often, leaders and coaches focus on far too much in any given coaching session. Focusing on too much at once leaves team members overwhelmed, confused and unsure of where to start.

Generally, when people are learning new skills in the training arena, they can focus on seven (plus or minus two) chunks of new information at a time. But in a coaching environment, people can only focus on one or two things at a time. Focusing on more than one to two inputs can result in team members feeling confused about what they should work on. This can lead to declining staff engagement and little to no change as a result of your coaching. The end result may even bring a leader’s capability as a coach into question.

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Here are four steps that will mitigate this from happening to you and help you focus on the one or two behaviours that really matter.

Review current KPIs

Make a list of how the team member is going with their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). What are their current KPIs and how are they tracking against them?

Pick one KPI that needs work

Choose one KPI or outcome that you really need the team member to improve.

Select the relevant behaviour

Make a list of the core skills and behaviours that you think could drive or improve the outcome of the chosen KPI. Try picking one or two behaviours that will form the focus of your coaching with your team member in the next fortnight

Coach it

Over a specified period, coach for and measure the relevant behaviour. Observe your team member before and after coaching sessions to track their development, and record these observations (in YakTrak). When observing your team member, look for consistency and correct use of the behaviour. The outcome of your observations will drive feedback and future coaching.

YakTrak: one of the best employee coaching tools

One of the biggest challenges for a coach can be determining which behaviour to focus on.

YakTrak makes it easier for your team to coach to the right behaviours that lead to the right results.. The YakTrak team (along with our consulting partners) will help you map your existing KPIs to proven behavioural frameworks.

For example, if Average Handling Time (AHT) is a KPI that needs improvement, we assist in clarifying the two or three behaviours that could be coached on to improve the result.

Next, we build the behaviour frameworks into YakTrak to truly take some of the guess work out of your leaders coaching with team members.

Using regular coaching and YakTrak as part of your employee development model equips you and your team to coach the right behaviours that drive the biggest results.

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