Good leaders must communicate a vision clearly, creatively, and continually. However, the vision doesn't come alive until the leader models it.

John C. Maxwell

Improving retention in contact centres

Outstanding contact centre experiences cement a loyal customer’s alliance. A poor experience destroys it. But contact centres have a problem – employee retention.

The factors driving this challenge include: increased demand for flexible arrangements, team leaders prioritising recruitment leaving no time to develop the team members they have, poor visibility over day-to-day employee sentiment and team member coaching and training regularly getting moved or cancelled.

A culture that supports learning doesn’t cancel coaching and development due to high call volumes or because everyone is too busy. It finds another way.

Here we’ll share insights about the challenge of retention in contact and call centres along with simple bite sized actions that you and your people can do now, so you can focus on the things that matter.

The keys to employee retention: strong management and the power of checking in

Contact centres can take purposeful, consistent and practical steps with existing employees to improve the employee experience – and improve retention.

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Avoiding the Great Resignation in your contact centre: leaders need coaching too

By investing in your leaders you’ll build capability, help your people flourish and can avoid the great resignation. […]

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Optimising productivity in contact centres

This was going to be called “Smooth Operators.” But there’s already a computer game called “Smooth Operators: Call Center Chaos!” Apparently it’s so tricky to run a good call centre that there’s a game about it. […]

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Employee retention strategies: it’s within your control

Navigate through employment retention strategies to find your organisation’s best solutions to boost retention. […]

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Improve employee experience by supporting learning

In today’s “employees’ job market” your people can choose who they work for. Companies that don’t deliver a better employee experience will lose out and struggle to attract the talent they need. […]

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Employee experience trends in a changing environment

Examining employee experience trends and why continuous investment in people will never be out of fashion. […]

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Score! Using games to motivate teams in contact centres

YakTrak co-founder Brad Thomas has over 25 years’ experience in people development and he has a whole playbook of great motivational techniques to lift employee engagement and improve contact centre employee satisfaction. […]

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Getting the basics right: the foundation of motivation and contact centre employee engagement

It’s easy to find sound-bite advice about how to motivate your employees and improve contact center employee engagement, but it’s important to begin with the right foundations. […]

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Not just chatbots: Contact centre technology can support your humans too

While there are many tools that can lower your running costs, help customers answer their own queries, or reduce the risk of fraud, finding contact centre technology that supports and develops your human capital can be transformational too. […]

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How to improve retention

Team members usually leave jobs because of the relationship they have with their leaders. Workplaces that have high retention have:

  • Strong management through regular coaching and development, feedback and clear goals
  • A positive workplace that has the tools and processes to get work done productively
  • Opportunities for people development via different channels plus a culture that supports learning
  • Trust throughout the organization due to continuous investment in people

YakTrak can help you improve retention by:

  • Fostering (and tracking) regular interaction, coaching and feedback between a leader and their team members
  • Delivering regular nudges to set goals, schedule coaching and get your team together
  • Encouraging micro-coaching in the flow of work to avoid pulling team members off the floor
  • Providing a vehicle for leaders to assess calls and give feedback through YakTrak

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