A good coach can change a game. A great coach can change a life.

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Employee coaching resources

Coaching your team to success can be challenging, in business and in life. Even the best coaches need their own coach sometimes. So YakTrak has developed a collection of employee coaching resources to help.

YakTrak’s new series of employee coaching videos by Chief Operating Officer Brad Thomas summarise the common errors leaders make when coaching their people, with practical tips to avoid these mistakes.

YakTrak’s employee coaching videos (video 1) – failing to prepare

Many leaders are looking for solutions to resolve capability issues and ask, ‘What is the key to employee coaching?’ They’ve identified a performance issue but are not sure how to fix it. This is where YakTrak’s employee coaching resources can help. […]

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Coaching your employee (video 2) – talking too much

We all want to get the best out of the coaching experience. Employers want to maximise performance and employees are looking for help into how they can be better at the work they do – but sometimes the actual coaching experience doesn’t quite deliver. […]

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Coaching sessions for employees (video 3) – inputs vs outputs

Leaders are under pressure to hit performance targets and it’s easy to get stuck on the outputs – after all these are what we’re all measured by. But achieving team performance goals relies on more than setting KPIs. […]

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Employee development methods (video 4) – focusing on too much

One of the best employee development methods is regular, consistent coaching. But often, leaders and coaches focus on far too much in any given coaching session. Focusing on too much at once leaves team members overwhelmed, confused and unsure of where to start.

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People development program (video 5) – don’t forget to set a goal

Taking a goal-focused approach to support your people development program and training works. In our latest video looking at common coaching errors we unpack what happens when you fail to set goals and provide practical advice to help you get the most out of goal setting. […]

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Staff training (video 6) – taking notes

Failing to take notes is one of the most common coaching errors. Watch YakTrak’s Brad Thomas unpack the importance of taking notes and see how YakTrak can support you in taking effective notes in your next employee coaching session. […]

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YakTrak: your path to performance

Great coaching comes with preparation, focus and consistency.

YakTrak’s people development system provides a framework to support the development of your people, by tracking the frequency and quality of coaching conversations. It’s an early warning system to pinpoint the behaviours that require development so learning interventions can be put in place.

About Brad

YakTrak’s chief operating officer Brad Thomas has over 25 years’ experience in people development from leading organisational development teams in large corporates to his work as director of change leadership consultancy GRIST Consulting. Prior to founding YakTrak, Brad developed hundreds of leaders and coaches to be more effective in their roles across many of Australia’s and New Zealand’s most recognisable brands.

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