A good coach can change a game. A great coach can change a life.

John Wooden

People development program (video 5) – don’t forget to set a goal

Employee coaching and people development programs work best when team members know what they are working towards. In the fifth video of YakTrak’s series that explores common coaching errors, Brad unpacks the importance of goal setting.

Organisations are more likely to get sustainable results by focusing on the right behaviours that drive the right results (we’ve previously explored the benefits of taking a balanced approach to inputs and outputs). Changing behaviours however can be difficult. The key? Set and track tactical goals that are designed to get team members ‘doing’ something different every day.

Goal setting to drive performance

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Remember to set a goal! It so easy to have a coaching conversation but overlook the goal – the most important part. In absence of a goal, coaching simply becomes a nice chat. Team members may walk away confused with no clarity on what is expected of them. A lack of clarity doesn’t improve capability. A lack of capability doesn’t improve results.

When setting goals, focus on the behaviour that needs to be demonstrated. For example, “I will ask 7 different open questions with customers by the end of the day”.

Once a goal is set, it’s equally important to track and measure progress via regular observation and feedback to ensure the team member is lifting capability. Three areas to look out for during your observation of your team member:

  1. Are they demonstrating the new behaviour?
  2. Are they demonstrating the behaviour consistently?
  3. Is the new behaviour having a positive impact on the desired output?

Support your goal setting and people development training with YakTrak


YakTrak helps you to set, track and meet goals:

  • Easily create behavioural goals. Team members and leaders can see how they’re tracking against the goal on the YakTrak dashboard.
  • Leaders gain total visibility over team member goals on their team dashboard.
  • Ensure accountability by giving ownership over goals to team members and additional support to leaders to provide immediate, real-time feedback.
  • Makes it simple to set reminders and notifications so people don’t forget the goals that they’re working towards.

Using YakTrak to set and monitor goals on a day-to-day basis helps embed a coaching culture. It drives performance by keeping the focus on the daily actions and behaviours people can take to make a sustainable change. YakTrak can support your people development program by setting up a rhythm for on-the-job workplace coaching – inspiring people to keep improving after they’ve completed formal people development courses and training.

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