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YakTrak’s employee coaching videos (video 1) – failing to prepare


Many leaders are looking for solutions to resolve capability issues and ask, ‘What is the key to employee coaching?’ They’ve identified a performance issue but are not sure how to fix it. This is where YakTrak’s employee coaching resources can help.

YakTrak’s new series of employee coaching videos are part of an initiative to provide leaders with a collection of resources that can be used alongside YakTrak to improve the frequency and quality of coaching interactions.

Delivered by YakTrak’s Chief Operating Officer, Brad Thomas, you’ll pick up practical tips that will help you to prepare for coaching sessions, engage effectively with your employees and set goals successfully.

Brad unpacks 6 of the most common coaching errors and shows you how to avoid committing them.

The first video looks at failing to prepare.

It’s a common problem and an easy one to stumble into. We’re all busy, and it can be hard to find the time to plan for coaching sessions. It’s even harder if you’re feeling unsure about how to plan or where to start. But if you do let this slide, you risk your team member feeling like you don’t value them enough. You’ll end up focusing on the wrong things and while you might have a great chat, it’s unlikely you’ll see much progress in the areas you were hoping for.

So, watch the video and read Brad’s top tips for planning and preparing for more effective coaching sessions. Never feel unprepared again!

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YakTrak’s top 5 planning tips for effective coaching


  1. Put it in your calendar
    Don’t just add your coaching sessions into your calendar, block out time to prepare for them too. Try booking your prep time on a Friday afternoon in readiness for coaching sessions the following week.
  2. One at a time
    (This one’s really important!) Plan to focus on one metric at a time. When team members try to work on 10 different things at once, often nothing gets done at all. Focusing on one area at a time also forces you to prioritise the most crucial element first.
  3. Observe
    Make sure you’re observing your team. It’s really hard to give great feedback if you haven’t observed your people demonstrating the behaviours that you’re looking for.
  4. Plan questions
    By planning questions in advance, you’ve always got something to go back to if you get a bit lost. It also provides a great structure for your team members and for your coaching.
  5. Take notes
    You aren’t expected to memorise every coaching session. Use your prepared notes during a session and then make sure you add your notes to YakTrak afterwards to keep track of your coaching. YakTrak’s customisable forms can replicate your coaching methodology, so language is familiar for team members.


Now that you’re across preparation, use YakTrak to track the frequency and quality of coaching interactions and its in-app and email notifications to make sure coaching sessions aren’t missed.

We hope you have enjoyed the first of YakTrak’s employee development videos. Check out the rest of the videos on YakTrak’s coaching resources webpage and keep coming back as we add more useful guides for you.

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